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hot foot job是什么意思? The eastern food and the western food are quite differentThe are many ________ ____________ the eastern food and the western food 总B C+ ,,英语:B ,C+,B,政史:B+,素质评定;能进哪个比较好的普通高中?额额额...是南宁内的... "死尸"的英文写法 On the ground floor,there is a _____ room with a karaoke machine.A.noisyB.bigC.smallD.quiet 英语翻译在变送器之类的说明书中出现:establishing an electrical connection via a cable thermowell其中electrical connection 是指什么连接呢?cable thermowell 是什么管呢? What do you miss most when you are away from home?大概一百五十字 希望亲们帮我 英语翻译材料工程 英文翻译麻烦翻译这句话 分析语法 All the electrical charges are neutralized throughout the crystal and bonding arises because the negative electrons act like a glue between the positive ion cores. 艾薇儿《wish you were here》《tik tok》《far away from home》《when you're gone》中文歌词? ls lt yes,lt ls. There's()office and two toilets on the ground floor. The girl is __making her bed by herself?A usuallyB alwaysC sometimesD often四个选项,选哪个?为什么? why do you want to use skype对吗 LINUX ls –lt hello,I’m melody565656 on Skype,is anybody want to make new friends,like me?I'm sad,I want to talk. d like 等于什么 单词我试卷上遇到到题, i mean your skype thats it only if u want .no big deal 请译成中文 1.___statement___n.陈述;说明→____________vt.陈述;说明2.___association____n.社团;联系;联想→_________vt.结交;联合 有木有形容在黑暗中看到一盏灯的古诗或诗句 something [ ] wrong with my little brother.Aseemed to be Bseemed to C seemed to do D seemed being选哪个,为什么为什么wrong是adj就要用be而不用do 英语句子的错误, “中医生”英语怎么讲呢? ( )天空,( )夜空,( )旗帜( )天空,( )夜空,( )旗帜.()的节日,()的乐曲,()的海洋. I am afraid to write english compositions,because i afraid of writing it wrong.后面那句 因为我害怕写错,对吗? 有哪些词有“夜空、星空、天空”的意思?比如霄汉、九天、星辰等的 请问solve和settle作为“解决”时的不同 the students have (an hour of ) homework every day.对括号内提问 为什么大熊猫去了苏格兰? 男人背对女人睡是什么意思如果一个男人背对着自己的女人睡觉是什么意思? I don’t think they can make my feet feel hot.是什么意思? I don't wearing l-------- shoes because they make my feet hot 横线上应该填什么?同上 The shoes(A) make my feet(B) to feel(C) very hot(D).错误选项为;正确答案为